Warped Walls

Warped Walls

Participants must run and generate enough speed to get up the wall so they can jump and grab the top ledge. Then they must hoist themselves up to stand on the top of the wall. Lower body strength is key to a good start, and good launch upwards, but upper body strength is required to complete this obstacle.

Each element is available in a variety of colors. Enjoy customizing your element/gym by viewing our Color Options link at the bottom of this page, under Ninja Solutions. A Business Developer or Designer can assist you in this process as well.



Materials: Sides – Laminate, Railings – Powder Coated Metal & Padding
Height: Small – 10′, Medium – 12′, Large – 14′
Number of athletes: 1

New Design

Our newest warped wall design comes after 7 years of refining and testing the product. After much feedback from some of the top athletes in the field we were able to develop a new slope that dramatically reduces ankle injuries.