Adventure Cam

Adventure Cam

Grow your business with Adventure Cam.

Adventure Cam provides your customers real time recording when they are using our products. Generally, personal camera systems are discouraged due to safety concerns but with Adventure Cam that problem is solved.  Participants purchase an RFID bracelet that communicates with the specialized camera system and delivers a custom-edited video of their experience. Your customers can view the videos from a monitor viewing station in your facility or they can go home and view the videos online. With a few simple clicks people can post their videos to social media. Better yet, we can incorporate your logo information on the video allowing your facility to go viral.

Why the Adventure Cam can generate more excitement for your business:

  • Adventure Cam can be installed on most facility attractions
  • Alternate revenue stream from RFID bracelets
  • Clients post videos to social media providing free marketing addresses Safety Concerns associated with participant cameras


RFID wristbands work with our timing, lighting and camera systems.

They are comfortable, customizable, rugged and reliable. Made from breathable elastic fabric, the wristband’s design can be changed quickly and inexpensively, allowing you to customize the wristbands for each venue, event or age group. Also provides a unique sponsorship opportunity for your brand or your sponsors. Your guests will continue to wear the wristband after they leave, providing great marketing for your facility!